Insiders guide to Smørrebrød

Insiders guide to Smørrebrød (Paperback)



Insiders guide to Smørrebrød kan kaldes en engelsksproget lillebror til bogen Smørrebrød i Danmark, som udkom i 2012 og fortalte hele historien om dansk smørrebrød gennem tiden. 

Insiders guide to Smørrebrød trækker på det samme grundmateriale, men fortæller smørrebrødets historie i en lidt kortere form. Til gengæld er der flere restauranter med i denne udgivelse. 
Der er tale om et stort udvalg af Danmarks bedste smørrebrødsrestauranter i forskellige kategorier, dog flest i gourmetgenren. 
Med i købet er også en samling opskrifter på klassiske stykker, samt et kig på rugbrødets og smørrets historie. 
Engelsk resume: Smørrebrød is the pinnacle of Danish gastronomy, the only true specialty from the small piece of land called Denmark. In this guidebook you can find the best smørrebrød restaurants in several categories—from the very cheap through the modest places up to the finest gourmet establishments. Each restaurant is described with a short text and pictures to give you a feel for the environment and smørrebrød style. 
You will also find recipes for classic smørrebrød, chosen with an eye for which ingredi- ents you are likely to find at home, away from Denmark. As explained in the history chapter, this culinary art form emerged in the 1880’s and thrived tremendously for approximately seventy years, before it started to lose its shine. 
But, smørrebrød never disappeared. It has been a daily staple for most Danes for hun- dreds of years. Now, however, smørrebrød is in the midst of a Rennaisance. New gourmet smørrebrød restaurants are opening all over the country and as far away as New York City where Danish smørrebrød master, Adam Aaaman, is successfully operating a new branch of the Copenhagen eatery bearing his name. My aim with this guide is to tell you the story of smørrebrød, to show you how to make it, and to offer you advice on where to eat it. 

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