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Forlaget Solhøj/Eagle Eye Consulting is a smaller independent publishing company, which publishes textbooks for engineering and academy programs.
The publisher's books are usually found as traditional paper books as well as E-books.

This book was originally developed for use at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark. But because of its structure and pedagogical approach, it has gained a very broad audience, and is now used in many other contexts, including on lower level education. The book is also an excellent self-study book for those who work with Time and Method Studies or lean in their daily work, but have been so unfortunate that it has not been part of their basic education. This book links the classical discipline of Time and Method Studies, which has been rooted in Frederic W. Taylor's work at General Electric, along with the LEAN philosophy's data structure, thus lifting the course into the 21st century.
The book also works with the IT tool AviX, which gives the subject area completely new possibilities. The changeover tool SMED is also adressed in a very comprehensive and systematic manner.
With this book, you will be able to work with Lean on a professional and factual basis, so the risk of failure with implementation becomes far less.

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