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Let's demystify the phenomena known as digital transformation. Let's break down this best-known secret to success and build it up page by page. Let's look at all the threads that connect and create this digital spiderweb. And let's dig into what kind of role you can play as a digital artist in this new and infinite digital renaissance.

This book is born from the urge to help guide you through the digital pitfalls, to show how the anthropological approach needs to play an even bigger role now than ever, how culture, leadership, infrastructure, organizational change and agile methodologies can help if seen as intervened enablers.

This book will thus not dig into deep descriptions of known technologies or methodologies. This already exists in abundance on the world wide web. The point of interest for this book is the bigger picture, the connections, the intent, the purpose and you.

I will come with this bold statement: that you will never succeed with your digital transformation if you don't first understand the different entities in it and their connections, and then decide how your digital transformation should be.

This book will provide insights into this and show you how it all can be connected to create the great customer experience you and your customers want.

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