Forget your IQ - think about your NQ (Hæftet)


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Forlaget skriver: With increasing complexity in the world your IQ plays a smaller role than ever before. Instead it is your NQ - your network quotient - that defines how well you and your company will do. That is the premise of this book, where Jacob Btter presents you with 55 practical examples on how you can involve customers and colleagues through social media.

Jacob Btter, a pioneer in social media, founded one of the first specialized consultancies within social media - Wemind - in 2005. Since then he has helped two state leaders and more than 100 businesses and public institutions on how to build social capital through social media.

This book gave me 6 ideas which we are now working with at Grundfos. And these are just the most obvious ones.
- Carsten Bjerg. Group President & CEO, Grundfos.

A practical framework with straightforward ideas and inspiring examples, perfect!
- Richard Brass. Director, Berenberg Bank.

A brief, no-nonsense, easy to read and do guide that helps you get started. It's simple , it's effective, it's executionable. A great little book
- Henrik Larsen. Vice President, Maersk.

This book explores the practices of the post corporate age - shifting from the firm to the rebirth of the agile network.
- Indy Johar. Architect and Policy Researcher, HubLab.

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Om forfatteren

Jacob Bøtter

Jacob Bøtter er autodidakt management konsulent. I løbet af sin gymnasietid drev Jacob Bøtter et virtuelt designbureau med mere end 300 designere i over 50 lande, og i 2005 stiftede han konsulentvirksomheden Wemind. Som leder for Wemind har han rådgivet mere end 100 virksomheder og enkeltpersoner...

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