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The reader gets unique insight into how a modern chief executive manages his enterprise. Read about Niels B. Christiansens strategy considerations, about his procedures and tools and what other leaders and enterprises can learn from Danfoss.

A mere two weeks before the financial crisis broke out in 2008, Niels B. Christiansen was appointed top executive of Danfoss with a staff of 23,000 employees. The crisis hit the enterprise hard, requiring the layoff of several thousands of employees. In spite of the crisis, Danfoss has succeeded in establishing a new, long-term strategy, which has attracted international attention, and Danfoss has since achieved more value creation than its competitors, such as the juggernauts German Siemens, American Emerson Electric and Swedish-Swizz ABB.

Here is the book that tells the story.

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Niels Lunde

Niels Lunde var ansvarshavende chefredaktør for Berlingske Tidende (2002-2007). Han startede sin karriere i Dansk Arbejdsgiverforening, hvor han blev redaktionschef på Arbejdsgiveren. ...

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