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A practice book for you who want to work with appreciation in everyday life. You may be a parent or a grown-up who works with children,
or just someone who happens to have an interest in children and appreciation.

Hanne Aalling Risager gives a thorough introduction to the concept of appreciation, and she has spiced her book
with lots of delightful and funny examples of appreciation from real life. A whole new world opens up with the writer’s
open and authentic narrative style. She takes her starting point in her own appreciative practice both as a professional
and as a mother, and makes room for the children and lets them speak for themselves.

The Talent Finder´s TIPS give inspiring ideas as to how you yourself can change things, and help you find the good stories where the appreciative approach works for you.
The “Food for thought” box asks open reflective questions which give you the possibility to go deeply into the essence and substance of appreciation and enable you to
understand and handle children´s conflicts even better.

It is a warm and affectionate book, it is very inspiring and gives food for thought. It is both humorous and touching. This book is for someone like you who want the best for children.

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