Play the Danish way (Paperback)


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Forlaget skriver: Play the Danish Way:
The Benefits of Free Play

From the country known for "hygge," an educational system that promotes empathy and a great sense of inner drive, Danish author and psychotherapist Iben Dissing Sandahl has delved deeper into what makes Denmark so special. Her bestseller, The Danish Way of Parenting - What the happiest people in the world know about raising confident, capable kids, proceeded to show readers around the world that the reason behind the Danish people consistently being voted "the happiest people in the world" is their upbringing. Danish parents raise happy children, who grow up to be happy adults, who raise happy children. Now, with the release of her second book Sandahl elaborates further, looking at one of the most important pillars of bringing up resilient and happy children. This being unstructured free play. In her new book, Play The Danish Way - A Guide to Raising Balanced, Resilient and Healthy Children through Play, Sandahl strives to answer some of the many questions that have arisen from her first book. In order to raise happy children, it is important to critically evaluate the entirety of the whole child on many different level. Sandahl advocates for a society where we pay more attention to raising robust children with strong inner strength, in order for them to be better equipped for the challenges that await them in the future. In Play The Danish Way, Sandahl works to provide parents around the world with insight on how to integrate play into the lives of their children. Through this hands-on guide to unstructured free play, the steps on how to raise strong and healthy children are clearly laid out.

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