LUST Classics: Casanova Volume 1 - Venetian Years


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"I could not procure a more agreeable pastime than to relate my own adventures, and to cause pleasant laughter amongst the good company listening to me."

In this first volume of the Memoirs of Casanova, the notorious womanizer takes us through his childhood and early youth. A sensitive child with an absent mother, Casanova grows up craving attention from the opposite sex. And attention he receives. Casanova is not shy about bragging about his love conquests, but he tells his scandalous stories with a good sense of humour and irony. His keen eye and candour make him a fantastic storyteller as he offers his insight into the daily – although far from dull – life of the 18th century's Venice.

LUST Classics is a collection of erotic literary classics. Although some of their content can appear controversial, these titles have been selected due to their historical importance within the field of erotic literature.

Giacomo Casanova (1725-1798) was a Venetian adventurer and author. Sometimes referred to as "The world‘s greatest lover", Casanova wrote about his raunchy escapades in several memoirs, which got banned by the Catholic Church.

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