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Within the field of information science and cultural communication a huge transformation has taken place within a few years. According to new scientific publications new “weapons of math destruction” are being used by “surveillance capitalism opportunist's” (O'Neil 2018, Zuboff 2019). A giant wave of change has, according to new scientific literature, washed into our private lives, our public lives and are challenging our traditional approach to democracy and privacy (ibid)
The development of the information society and “the internet of us” has created a culture of knowing more and understanding less. (Lynch 2018) A view of this wave of change can also be that many experience that the new digital technology as, literally through the smartphone, constantly coming to bargain with the individuals core democratic values on a daily basis. A constant trade off between getting new apps for free by selling personal information and giving consent to invasions into one's personal privacy sphere.
As institutions as The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) has been digitized also the voting for student council is conducted digitally. This mean that questions can be raised regarding how

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