Cabin Fever 2: Forbidden Fruit


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The events of the summer have left Otis alone. His marriage to Sally was never right, and he is grateful to have time alone to write the book he has been trying to finish for years. The cabins in the area are all empty, and the loneliness permeates everything. Maybe that is why he says yes, when the author, Frederick Gray, asks him to lunch. Their friendship blossoms, and along with it, Otis begins to feel something stir within him. Something, which shocks him deeply.

The summers of the late 1960s are bursting with a thunderous humidity. The beautiful cabins of the Gray Dunes are filled to the brim with people ready to experience everything the warm summer has in store for them. But some get more than they bargained for, as the sensuality and tension of the scantily clad summer bodies permeates the air by the North Sea. Dive into a world of romance and lust, and experience the cabin fever for yourself!

Ane-Marie Kjeldberg is a Danish writer, editor and writing coach

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Om forfatteren

Ane-Marie Kjeldberg

Ane-Marie Kjeldberg er født i 1960 af forældre, som læste både professionelt og af lyst. Læseriet smittede. ...

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